Dear friends,

We would like to tell you a few details about our company Extratech, Ltd., which was established at the end of 1995. It has a seat in Brno, Czech Republic.

We produce a range scale of model kit accessories, mainly etched brass detailing sets, decals as well as conversion sets. A large part of our products is made up of 1/72 scale resin AFV kits, kits of helicopters, diorama accessories and figures. We enlarged our range of products in 2003 starting to produce plastic model kits of AVF in 1/72 scale.

Our products were awarded several international awards, first of which was Model of the year 1997 by Modell Fan for our Würzburg - Riese FuSe-65 radar station kit at the Nürnberg Trade Fair.

I would like to mention our distributor Mrs Ilona Müllerová (www.pmilona.cz), who, together with her husband, sells our products. The exclusive creator of the mastermodels of our AFV kits is Mr Jan Sobotka (www.hauler.cz), presentation models are assembled exclusively by Mr Vlastimil Vodička (www.hauler.cz).


Antonín Kozdera
Lieberzeitova 1388/30
614 00 Brno
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 545 581 200
fax: +420 545 581 200
e-mail: tkozdera@extratech.cz


Ilona Müllerová
Svánovského 9
628 00 Brno
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 539 012 952
fax: +420 539 012 952
e-mail: pmilona@sky.cz
web site: www.pmilona.cz